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Organic farm

The campsite and the agriturismo is in the heart of the organic farm. the green hills of cereals, olive, vineyards and natural forest will surround you. Following the rhythms of nature and the seasons we cultivate 56 hectares, using the organic method and the old tradiction.


The hills of cereals, green in spring and blond in summer, mark the seasons.Every year we alternate the crops with different cereals and hay, to keep our soils fertile.cereals are essential for our cuisine and for our animals.


The vineyard grown in the most protected and sunniest place on the farm. we dedicate our attentions, care, to make every leaf shine,but it is the Tuscan sun that gives the best grapes. The wine red, white and rosè are made all with tuscany species of grapes:San giovese, Trebbiano,Malvasia and Vermentino.

Olive trees

The oil :"the liquid gold of the farms" the most precius product of the ground. The olive trees have been the protagonists of the farm long before us. Each bottle of oil is a concentrate of the flavors and aromas of our farm to take home.


The most expected fruits of the summer are from the garden.Everything starts here, even the plants,every season a different vegetable, some on the ground, others in the sun.From the field to the table, the freshness and flavor of the vegetables makes the difference for our restaurant.